Monday, June 6

Moving Over to Nutmeg & Company

I've started a new project...

This is our new house!

We move in at the end of June but I've already started blogging about it.  It's a really pretty historical home with high ceilings and lots of quirks.  We are looking forward to renovating every square inch of it.  But this time, we have to live through the renovation...  should prove interesting!

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Thursday, February 10

So, how'd it turn out?

I bet you were wondering.
   Well, it was certainly a learning experience.  I have gained some very valuable skills.  I can fill, caulk, patch-up and paint just about anything,  I can do it myself and I can do a really good job.  I never really thought of myself as a DIY kinda girl before this project.  I mean, I could paint a wall or piece of furniture but nothing like the scale of this project.   

It was also a whole lot of work.  We worked tirelessly for several months.  Many more months than we originally intended.  We were definitely over timeline and over budget.  But what we created is pretty amazing.  Seriously awesome.

Wanna See???

The kitchen  was completely renovated.  
Walls were knocked out, a new layout planned and backdoor installed.

Beadboard backsplash, granite counter-tops and a butcher block island.
Open shelving and stainless steel appliances.

The living room with new marble surround fireplace and built-ins.

Dining Room

Master bedroom with vaulted ceiling


powder room

So what did we do?  We pretty much did everything.  Lots of behind the scenes work:  heating and cooling, new furnace and air conditioner, spray insulation...  And lots of visible work:  electrical, plumbing and complete renovation.  It's pretty much a completely new house... with the charm of an old one!
If you're interested in coming to see the house, or are in the market for a home in Wortley Village, we'd be happy to show you through.  We also have an open house from 2-4 this Sunday, February 13th.  Post a comment or send me an email and we can make arrangements.

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Monday, October 11

Glorious Granite!

I want to show you what the flooring looks like because it has really changed the space.  But first... The granite is in!!!  It looks really pretty.  We wanted to choose something neutral because we want the kitchen to appeal to lots of different buyers but we didn't want it to look common.

So here it is:

Note the apron-front sink under the window.  I love that sink.  A whole lot.  I love the farmhouse vibe it gives the kitchen.  Casually elegant.  All the lowers are in the kitchen and we're just waiting for the doors to arrive.  What do you think?

Promises, Promises... The drywall is up

Ok, so I'd just like to point out that it's really hard to blog about a renovation when you are constantly working on said renovation.  I know you've missed me.  I know I haven't kept you in the loop.  For that, I am sorry.

Wanna see it with drywall?

The photo below is taken from the dining room into the kitchen.  The sink will go right in the middle of that big window.  To the right side of this photo, you can also see the small built-in servery in the dining room.  It will have a little sink and cabinet storage.

This is a view of the dining room.

This is the front living room.

This is the Master Bedroom. 
 Note the slanted ceilings.  A ceiling fan fixture will hang up there.
(sorry the photo is so dark)

This is the closet area of the Master.  

There has been lots of work going on.  Dusty and dirty with all the sanding.  We are in a constant stare of clean-up!  The flooring is next to go in.  Then the kitchen cabinetry and granite.  Tracey and I went on a road trip to choose our slab and I'm really pleased with what we found.

Bye for now,

Monday, August 30


Hi Everyone,
  Sorry about my absence of late.  I know, I know... I promised I would write faithfully.  Somehow, life got in the way.  We went on a little holiday to the cottage and I just haven't been able to get back into the swing of things.  But now I'm back and boy, oh boy, you should see the changes.
  I'm going to catch you up with what has happened.  We have finalized the kitchen design.  It looks amazing and is in production right now.  The electrical, plumbing and HVAC stuff is complete - at least until the drywall is done and we can install finishes.  Everything is looking pretty good.  Our timelines are decent and we are really working our budget... squeeeeezing every last drop out.
  Last week drywalling began.  I think that creates the most dramatic change when it comes to a renovation.  Suddenly, we have rooms!  Especially since we opened up the walls on the main floor. Everything was just looking so crummy.  Dusty, dirty, messy and well, unfinished.

  This is the kitchen and main floor staircase.  Pretty gross, huh?

This is the closet and built-in area of the master bedroom.  Also, pretty nasty.  

Front porch, practically falling in.  Yuck. 
I'm heading over there to take some new shots of what it looks like with drywall.  I think you'll appreciate them much more.  And I promise... no more long absences.  


Monday, August 9

Day 25

     Well, we have hit day 25 on this crazy project.  Sometimes I just how we are ever going to get it finished.  Jason assures me that we are right on schedule despite a few minor hitches.
      Here's where we are:  The house is still in its shell state - right down to the plaster and lath.  It's messy, dusty and dirty.  The plumbing rough-ins have happened.  The HVAC system is currently being installed.  The electrical layout has been planned and the installation of it is happening.
  We had a beautiful kitchen designed by Jennifer Teeple of Red Razberry Design Group.  The first version looks like this:

     We love this design.  Jennifer thought of things we sure didn't.  She is an excellent kitchen designer and very easy to work with.  She added pantry space and a mudroom near the back door.  She has also strongly suggested that we should use upper cabinets and not just open shelving.  We are going for the 'Modern Farmhouse' look with this kitchen and had planned to install thick shelving rather than the upper cabinets.  We've made a few modifications to this plan - and compromised on some of the shelving...

   Tracey and I even tried our hand at creating this kitchen with pieces from Ikea.  We were very successful at this with the help of Paul, a kitchen associate there.  The kitchen was lovely and included all the cabinetry, the sink and the butcher block counter-top for the island.  The price was really good and we went back and forth about it.  The savings would be great but the kitchen wouldn't have quite the high end look we are going for in this house.
   In the end, we have decided on a custom-built kitchen.  This will cost a bit more but will be worth it.  We get to choose the perfect colour for the cabinetry and everything will be exactly as we envision it.   I think some things are worth paying extra for.  Can't wait to show you the finished photos!

Tuesday, July 27


Were you wondering exactly what Tracey and I were doing during all that dusty demolition?

The front porch is a really lovely spot for enjoying a coffee in the morning.  Actually, I was reading an article on kitchens without upper cabinetry.  And drinking a coffee.